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The Event 7
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  • Localización: Madrid, Madrid (ESPAÑA)
  • Fecha de Formación: Septiembre 1997
  • Estilo(s) musical(es): Electronica, Experimental Techno, Industrial Drum'n'Bass, Electronica, Electronica, Ambient, Techno, Electro, Detroit Techno
  • Influencias: Ike & Oscar Mulero, Yury ,Toxic & Trevi , R. Gallery, Luis (Muerto), Iñaki Villasante, Pelacha, Marco Zeus, Wavesound, Eulogio, Josua, Jotón, Sowing Paranoia, Transhumans, Dj F, Svreca, Boris Divider,
    Bando, Leandro Gamez ( All from Spain )

    .: Worlwide .: Rising High Crew, Hardhouse Crew, Tresor Crew, R&S Crew, Underground Ressistance, Juan Atkins , Jay Denham , Joey Beltram, Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Damond Wild, Echoplex, Matt French, Steve Rachmad, Fumiya Tanaka, Tony-Surgeon, The Advent , Regis, Mark Broom, Steve Bicknell, Ben Sims, Ken Ishi , Patrick Pulsinger, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre(The Master), Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Octave One, Recyver Dogs, 65D Mavericks , Pacou, Jeroen, Planetary Assault System, Maurizio, Chain Reaction, Mika Vainio, AFX Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Portishead , Porter Ricks, Roni Size, Ed Rush & Optical, Signature, Dj Linx, Noisia, Wu Tan Clan, Cypress Hill, Tote King, Brand New Heavies , Ella Fiztgerald, Louis Amstrom , Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Diana Krall, to name a few .........

1992.: Uge started to go clubbing in the most important clubs in Madrid Names like New World, Zentral, Overdrive, Consulado, The Omen...

At same time, he started to buy music and gets his first technics turntables around 1993, djing in small bars and clubs and going to parties to see the most relevant dj..s on the scene.

Was later in 1997 when starts to try to produce Electronic Music with Computer, Software and Hardware . When Started the project.::::::::

The Event 7

2003 starts working for Jaxx Records, and was on 2004 when he releases Infecta 01 Driving Again Ep … First record on his own label Infecta, with good names and collaborations in all catalogue of his imprint.

At the same time and from 1998 starts the Drivers company he is running, doing jobs as a road manager with relevant artists , names such a Oliver Ho, Mark Broom, Oscar Mulero, Claude Young, Surgeon, James Ruskin, Sven Vath, Dave Clarke, Bas Mooy, etc...

It´s helps him to get more acknowledgment musically and culturally from inside the Industry.

In 2014 continues working on music, Djing, making music with more than 40 releases in different labels (Vinyl & Digital) and is doing the road managing for important clubs and promoters around Spain, TechnoFlash , Area 51, Rxxistance, Fabrik, etc... 

He was playing with artist such a Oscar Mulero, Paul Mac,… Más... »