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an independent music portal

Musikaze is a site that will enable you to discover and listen to all genres of music from around the world. A site where you will be able to find whatever you are looking for and maybe get surprised along the way.

Through using Musikaze you can download songs and videos, listen to Musikaze Radio or get information about festivals, keep up to date with the concerts in your area and further afield, check the musical news updates, discover new bands, read fanzines and music magazines, check out record labels' catalogues, buy records and tickets for concerts...You will be able to enjoy music from home and live.

In Musikaze you decide! Create a list of your favourite songs and artists and follow the music that most interests you.

a meeting forum

Here there are the musicians themselves and the music professionals whom directly publish their news, announce their concerts, sell their tickets, upload their songs and photos, or sell their records...

This is therefore their opportunity to make their work popular and promote their band, festival, record label or musical publication. The opportunity to share their music, accessing the public in an unbiased way.

Our intention is to gather everyone from the music world in one common place:

  • artists, professionals and amateurs
  • concerts and music festival promoters from all music styles
  • music publication editors
  • recording studios and record label owners
  • producers, managers, music shops, professional musicians
  • ... and of course you, the music enthusiasts
Musikaze sites: a window to the music

The musikaze sites are the communication link between the musicians and the public.

Every musikaze site is an efficient content publishing tool that can be used to promote your concerts, news, discography etcetera in Musikaze, or just as a simple link to your official web. If you have not got an official web, then your musikaze site can also be converted into a complete professional web with all the services: online ticket and record sales, mp3 downloads, watching videos, photo galleries, news and contact details. Everything you require without the need for a host or own domain, all available on this simple and user friendly site. It's as  easy as publishing a blog.

And with the advantage of appearing in every Musikaze list.

The public not only obtains easily first hand up to date information, they can also express their opinion writing about the news, giving feedback about concerts or taking part in the forums.

a world to discover

Musikaze wants to become a music catalogue for every type of music, where every artist will have a place, the new trends and old rythms, the new wave and the traditional music, the new artists and the old classics, every type of style: from rock to  corals, from african music to latin, pop, folk, jazz, funk and rap...

We want to facilitate the acess to the net for artists from all over the world, to become an internationally updated  musical information reference tool, a place decicated to everything about music.

What are you waiting for to get started? Come in, explore, enjoy.




hafermarkt. HAFERMARKT - FLENSBURG. 03/21/2018 »



Strombers. Sala Dresden - CERDANYOLA DEL VALLES. 03/22/2018 »



Miguel Pérez. Centro Cultural Provincial (CCP) - MÁLAGA. 03/22/2018 »



Santero y Los Muchachos. El Patio de la Favorita - GIJÓN. 03/22/2018 »



ÁLVARO RUIZ. Sala ClanDestino. 03/22/2018 »



KARNE CRUDA en Pontevedra. Tronko bar - PONTEVEDRA. 03/23/2018 »
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» More concerts

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