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Become a musikaze user

Registering as a Musikaze User is very simple and completely free. To create a user account you only have to introduce your name, User ID and password. Your personal details will be protected and secured using our privacy policy.

Which advantages has to be a user?

  • send comments

If you want to comment news or concerts from Musikaze Sites you must be a registered user.

  • take part in forums

You also need to be a user to be able to write messages in the forums offered by the different Musikaze Sites.

  • create your favourites list

If you are  a user youwill have the opportunity to select your favourite artists and pages. You will have your own Favourite page in every Musikaze list. Find quickly your favourite bands, festivals, and rehersal rooms... Musikaze Radio will allow you to tune in only your favourite artists.

  • receive the Musikaze newsletters

Musikaze users can suscribe to our Newsletters with news and information about concerts. Moreover,  you can chose exactly what type of information you wish to receive by cononfigurating the newsletters.

  • buying from Musikaze shops

To buy from an online shop in the Musikaze Sites you must be a Musikaze user. The shops have a shopping cart availble that allows you to choose the products you are interested in, and to place an order you must be logged in as a user.

  • publish your advertisements at the street market

Advertising in Musikaze is totally free. In our street market you can exchange discs, sell or buy second hand instruments, or even offer you as a bass player for a rock'n'roll band.

  • create your own Quizzes

Would you like to test the rest of the users about some topic related to music? Musikaze offers you the opportuniyy to create your own Quizzes introducing the questions and answers in a very simple way. You will also configure the answers so the users can check their correct answers.


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» More concerts

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