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Fat & Superb (2010)

CD, Editado Por Dixie Town
Grabado en Tigruss Estudios, mezclado y masterizado por Erik Spanjers

Incluye las canciones:
1. Warm and Confident   Dixie Town
2. Down and Deep   Dixie Town
3. Proud of us Dixie Town
4. When I'm not Glad Dixie Town
5. I wonder who Dixie Town
6. You can't stop me Now Dixie Town
7. It isn't a love letter Dixie Town
8. Soul Assistant Dixie Town
9. Keep on working Dixie Town
10. Meeting point Dixie Town
11. My brother's Blues Dixie Town
12. Blue dog on the hill Dixie Town
13. 13th Dixie Town

Overdrive (2008)

CD, Editado Por Dixie Town
Mezclado y Masterizado por Hendrik Röver

Incluye las canciones:
1. Prime time Dixie Town
2. Dance around the fire The Compulsions
3. The girl can't help it
4. Rock me baby
5. Fame Dixie Town
6. I don't want no woman
7. The river   Dixie Town
8. Descordination is my Nation
9. Let's tork together Wilbert Harrison
10. At first sight   Dixie Town
11. Rolling and Tumbling
12. The hunter

Hardnighters,Bluesbelievers (2007)

Cd, Editado Por Dixie Town
Grabado,Mezclado y Masterizado en Torres Sonido por Joaquin Torres

Incluye las canciones:
1. Duarte Blues
2. Tell me
3. What am i gonna do?
4. Messin' with a kid
5. Country Town
6. That's all right
7. Little sister  
8. Sweet little angel
9. Black night
10. Crazy train  
11. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
12. Kisses from dolores