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1 Hour Could Be 60 seconds (2013)
AboutWill's first full-lenght album "1 Hour Could Be 60 Seconds" is a self-contained album and so for best results should be listened to in its entirety, in chronological order, in one sitting.

Recorded at DopplerMedia Studios
C/ Valencia Nº127 Alcobendas, Spain
Sound Engineer: Luis Alberto Caballero

Mastered at JPG StudioB
Capital Federal. Bs.As, Argentina
Mastering Enginner: Juan Pablo Gugliara

Artwork By

Israel Larios :

Arantxa García Aldea :

All the songs are written and composed by "About.Will"

About Will is:
Daniel Naval Santos - Drums and back vocals
Cristian Olarte Gugliara - Guitar / piano and vocals
Arturo Diaz Forte - Bass / piano and back vocals
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Incluye las canciones:
1. 1 Hour Could Be 60 Seconds About.Will 7:36 sg.
2. Justice Sunday Morning About.Will 3:05 sg.
3. I'm a bit worried about you, Cause I wanna kill you. About.Will 2:04 sg.
4. Things Have Own Movement About.Will 5:42 sg.
5. Luna About.Will 1:06 sg.
6. Duelo de pistolas at William's Show. About.Will 4:39 sg.
7. Sheep Sheep Hooray! About.Will 4:13 sg.
8. 18 About.Will 3:29 sg.

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