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The Lilac Time

Incluye las canciones:
1. 1983 (Pelle & Sebastian)
2. Nicknames..
3. Whisper
4. Animal Lovers
5. Metal to Metal
6. Because I'm Worth it
7. Stockholm Vs Paris
8. Fly Me to the Moon..
9. 51,3
10. Tired of Being PC

In a Nutshell (2007)

Incluye las canciones:
1. Pamplona
2. I Love You, You Imbecile
3. Crying All the Way To the Pawnshop
4. I Just Called To Say I Love You
5. Why Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow?
6. Middleclass Kid
7. I Touched You At the Sound Check
8. Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls
9. Even a Broken Clock (is Right Twice a Day)
10. Showercream and Onions
11. In a Nutshell

Everything. Now!

Incluye las canciones:
1. Musikbyrån Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack
2. Bastards Don't Blush
3. Telemarketing
4. A Tasteless Offer
5. Go To Hell, Miss Rydell
6. Riverbank
7. Oh No! It's Happening Again
8. How I Broke My Foot And Met Jesus
9. Summer Of '69
10. I Had A Guitar (Bjärton And I)
11. Mind The Gap

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