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"The Murphys - The 1973 Aquashow Demos" on a limited Vinyl edition

Viernes, 3 de Agosto de 2007

Elliott Murphy and Red Lounge Records announce the release of "The Murphys - The 1973 Aquashow Demos" on a limited Vinyl edition.
The album features a stunning photo from the original Aquashow sessions taken at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and consists of the very high quality demos that Elliott Murphy, Matthew Murphy and friend George Gates recorded before the final Aquashow sessions. The recordings are unique in that they feature Elliott playing lead and rhythm Electric Guitar, Matthew on Fender Bass and George on occasional Rhythm Guitar. When Red Lounge Records boss Martin Christoph first heard The Murphy's he thought it was like nothing he ever heard before - both dandy and punk - and immediately decided it must be released as all great albums are: on Vinyl! Here's the song list:

Side A
1. White Middle Class Blues
2. Like A Great Gatsby
3. Hangin' Out
4. Last of the Rock Stars
4. Marilyn

Side B
1. Graveyard Scrapbook
2. How's The Family
3. Lookin' Back
4. Hometown
5. Don't Go Away

Also included is a special bonus 7" Vinyl Single of "Abraham Lincoln Continental" and "History" recorded before 1974's Lost Generation album featuring legendary keyboardist Frank Owens of "Like A Rolling Stone" fame, Rick Marota on Drums, Matthew Murphy on Fender Bass and Elliott on vocals and guitar of course.

The Murphy's can best be described as the essence of Aquashow in its purest form. Last Year U.K.'s prestigious Uncut magazine dedicated a full page Classic Album review to Aquashow which proclaimed, "Aquashow has stood the test of time. Even 30 years on, its freshness, passion and vitality have scarcely diminished." The Murphy's is an integral part of the Aquashow saga and to have it released as a Vinyl album like the original Aquashow seemed the perfect move. To order please contact 20€/$25 + shipping. Payment by Check or PayPal.

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