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Lunes, 23 de Abril de 2018

We are back home after the tour is over one week ago. It's never easy to find the right words but we'd like to show our gratitude to all the collectives and individuals who have booked a gig for us, fed us, let us a place for sleeping, have taken care of us and share a moment of their lives with us. Sarah, Micha and all the people who helped out with the show in Hafermarkt Flensburg. Also to Mörkt Moln and Heavy Bleeding for a great show and night! Julia, Malin, Christina and the always lovely crew from Göteborg. Magnar and Blitz, Angus Norder at Linköping (your show was amazing!), El Bagre Jokke for his hospitality and making us feel like home during our time in Finland, TVO, Vastavirta Klubi; Otto and Pelkotila for the nice 2 nights playing together, Squat Kumma, Karu and Ülase Kollektiiv, Janis for making everything perfect in Riga and Adminu Iela; Linas and XI20 (amazing place in Vilnius). Our beloved friends Pawel and Sasha, people from Food not Bombs Warsaw and Syrena for such a remarkable show and night. Mike and Social Crisis crew for their charming hospitality. Sassi, Lara and Alex for always being there, Markus and Rote Insel in Berlin. Infernal Crust Brigade crew, Alte Meierei Kiel and Alda for such a great show. Thanks to you all for warming up our hearts during our trip and hopefully our paths will cross again soon, AE.

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