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Formed as DESECRATE in the early 1999 with three members, changed the band name to OMENDARK and completed the line-up with two new members in 2001. In 2002 the first bassplayer leave the band, and AERNUS replace him. ..

Later in the year 2003 they release their first demo, recorded at a home studio during the years 2002-2003. Also the original singer and one guitarrist leave the band and Aernus tooks the singer/guitar place.

In the year 2004, in March they release the 2nd demo "Antzinako Herriaren Birjaiotza" and in summer the drummer leave the band. In January 2005 a Split Cd with Xerion and Nakkiga was out, named "Ipar Basoetan-Na Fraga Do Norte, released through Oniric Records and limited to 500 copies.

In September, with a complete line-up 2007 they release a new Split Cd with the Cantabrian Pagan Metal band Crystalmoors.

Now in the year 2008 they are playing several gigs and working on a new split, this time a 7"EP together again with Nakkiga. It will have a song called Ada-Egina and will be out for the end of spring. They are working also in the songs for a full lenght. It will be recorded this summer.
AERNUS - Guitars/Bass/Vocals/Keys/Whistles/Mouth Harp

*Demo 2003 CD
*Antzinako Herriaren Birjaiotza Demo CD
*Ipar basoetan-Na fraga do norte split w/Xerion y Nakkiga CD
*Split w/ Crystalmoors CD
*Split with Nakkiga 7"