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The band was born in 1999 by Oindurth and Arghura with the idea of putting together their different influences coming from Extreme Metal, under a fantastic and mythological theme, being these concepts managed to express in a more poetic way their philosophical concerns about the being itself and Mother Nature. Keeping the compositional core, they surround themselves by good friends in order to bring the band to the stage, until they reach the current state of the band in which they combine live shows with the recordings, with two stable line ups, and trying to keep the same spirit of constant learning, both musical and internal.


*Ekaitz Beltzen Tontorra Demo 2003
*Iparraren Beldur Demo 2003
*Maketa '05 Demo 2005
*Ipar Basoetan / Na Fraga Do Norte Split 2005
*Four Concentric Ways Of The Ancient Cult Split 2007
*Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno Vol.4 Split 2010
*Belebeltzeta Album 2010
*R'lyeh E.P. 2012
*Nakkiga / Omendark Split 2012
*Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno Vol.9 Split 2013
*Amerasu Album 2013
*Ipar Basoetako Memoria Compilation 2013
*Amaieraren Hasiera Album 2014
*Balmog / Nakkiga Ánima Arima Split 2017
*Dragoiaren Mendia Demo 2017
*Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno Vol. 20 Single 2018
*Agurraren Harkaitza Album 2018