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THE HIRUDO EFFECT(formerly known as Anti Jap Riot) born in 2004, in the southern Milan. Starting with a 2 man line-up (LELE - Guit & Vox, ALE - Drums), soon they discover a funky attitude, when SADIR enter the band as bass player. When JAP (vox) complete the line-up, with is pure grindcore screaming, the hirudo effect begin to strike: just like an hirudo (aka "leech"), the band start take influences from every kind of music, from hardcore to fusion, passing from grindcore and funky.

As ANTI JAP RIOT, the band release a demo in 2005, including 5 tracks of what they call "Madcore". In december 2005 they have their firs tour experience, about a week between Switzerland and Germany whit SLEDGE HC (r.i.p.), and in october 2006 they've another tour, this time in Germany and Czech Republic, with SUPPURATED and the Czech band SHEEVA YOGA.

In october 2007 the band start thinking about some radical changes, starting with the name: ANTI JAP RIOT … [+] Más...


Haemophagus were spawned by David (drums) and Sirio (bass) in 2005. With Giorgio (guitars) and Claudio (vocals) the band recorded a demo in 2005 called "Into the Mortuary"; Soon after, Claudio left the band. The trio released a split cd (w/Toxic Shock Syndrom, F.D.A. rekotz 2007) and co-produced a 7" split with Agathocles in 2008. The band currently plays old school death/grind with a hint of "acid" doom.