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The ratio of Huakim Eloyuwon with electronic music dates back to 2003, the year that began to come frequently to various events organized in the north of Spain and thethe predominant genre in recent years was the techno. so their early influences were the likes of DJ Laurent Garnier, Ben Sims,Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Derrick May, Paul Mac, Kevin Saunderson, Stacey Pullen, etc.In 2004 would begin to take their first steps as a DJ performing at raves sets and private parties with clearly influenced by techno,while reaching your most important date in 2005, in the room The Real one of the most important northern Spain, in a night Creative Sessions.2006 would be the turning point in his style all caused by a Dip weekly residency at the Music Club, which would be his home for 3 years. Gave way to techno and other genres were minimal and tech-house. With this new style would walk by numerous rooms of northern Spain and its two monthly residencies La Biblioteca (Pola de siero) and at Studio 54 (Oviedo).After a short break of 2 years (2009-2011), becomes Eloyuwon Huakim the summer of 2011 with a very special place in the festival FRIKYPARTY annually. From here again with some more sets Dynamic and fun, and begins to reconcile his other side, that of producer.


Lillo is young dj and producer born in 1986 in Gijon, Asturias. His love music began at an early age. At 15 years old, after discovering techno music on cassette tapes that he recorded some friend, takes his first mixer and two old favorites with those who started mixing his first records. In 2005 after having spent debugging your technique and taste, takes his first step and begin to play at private parties. in 2005, gradually becomes hollow clicking on clubs in the region and compare techno parties acting on stage with big names like James Ruskin, Claude Young, Paco Osuna, Len Faki... In 2008 begins to engage in musical creation beginning to discover these synths and drum machines ke lead to the magic of techno and house sounds with groove and rhythm in which their productions. In January 2010, launched its first publication in Kant recordings La Casa Funk EP and shortly after his charted by artists like UGLH, Carlo Lio, Jhon Selway... the track Child his topic has occupied the top 10 in dj download. The study made several remixes for Dual Records with As-Brain and other artists such as Tomi Bass and Chris Maiberger remix track Solid State in Kant Recordings and published its last issue on the seal Jazzfuck Zombie in MY Little Dog label. All in all a very versatile young man in his sets and productions where the music and the club and feeling invaded around the dance floor doin anyone.


Originally from Madrid (1983) Juan Várez has been playing in his native land since 2000. After a period of
reflexion and research Juan Várez is now back since 2010 as a producer influenced by the new wave of Deep and Tech House.
Co-owner of the label Akusah, where he is releasing the
majority of his work, and also releasing for Selected Records and Beatflow Records is definitely a producer to keep an eye on.
In 2012 Juan Várez will be releasing a number of
tracks together with Ivan Barbero, Javier Aguilar, Adolf Diguer, Alvaro Espinosa, Andrés Lima , Minimal Rockets, Rafa Barrios and Huakim Eloyuwon.
His versatile Style Djing has never let any crow down,
always ensuring quality music driven in a fantastic way
that gives exactly what people wants in the dance floor.


Marcos Barrios, dj young, born in Valladolid in 1983. At just 15years of age begins to show great interest in electronic music. It is then, when thinking about changing the dance floors around the cabin, which is what really interested him., To do this, go to parties in the area to look at the work of professionals. He started DJing in 2003, but not until 2005 when it begins its journey through the booths of Valladolid. His beginnings were by people of the area, including: Penafiel, Iscar, Cuellar, Arevalo ... among others. He has played on very important in the province, to name some of them: Factory (Laguna de Duero), Escada-old Zeus (Medina area), New Garden (Castronu–o), Room Logbook (Valladolid). Outside our province has acted in theaters from the likes of Las Vegas (Melgar de Fernamental),-code Fabrik (Madrid), Room Aqua (Toledo), Aixa Galiana (Avila), Amadis (Salamanca), 7PK2 (Zamora), Gabbana (Palencia), Deluxe (Aranda de Duero), S, malls (Ciudad Rodrigo), Shoho Clubbing (Viveiro-Lugo), Path (La Rioja), Underground Club (Ciudad Real), Colin (Real City), and etc. .... In 2006 he began a weekly residency in the room Malbicho (Valladolid), together with dj electroculture Suso and the collective. which does work for 4years developing their sessions, Saturdays and Sundays. From this residence, groups and developers becoming interested in him. In 2007, he was appointed by the club Aixa Galiana (Avila) as one of the best "New Comers" of the year. Another very important fact in his short career of the group is called Techno Flash to their parties, such as Holy Thursday or Anniversary. He has shared cabin with great electronic music artists such as: Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Kazu Kimura, Carl Falk, Pet Duo, Pepo, Bando, Reeko, Dj Preach, Gayle San ... to name a few. It was in 2010 when the young artist decided to take another step in his career, and begins to show a great interest in the production world. Today, there are more than 30 works that have in the market. There are many labels that have shown interest in his music, which techouse carazteriza to be a very cool and danceable, to name one, Fever sound records (Tunisia), Ret—tica recordings (Colombia), Soul series (Spain), where he has shared references to the likes of John Acquaviva, Jay Lumen, Uto Karem, Jose Padilla, Jesus Soblechero, Superflu, Piemont, and etc. .. His sets could be defined as tribal techno, very danceable, but at the same time strong, with a very characteristic rhythm and personnel, using two or three dishes accompanied by CD. Trying to get in all its sessions, the public and enjoy it. Lately we can see other styles click as minimal or techno-house, giving them also his peculiar personal touch.


Originally hailing from Madrid and at 27 years of age, Ivan Barbero has been DJing in his native land for more than 10 years and another 5 years played at almost every club in Brighton. Ivan was in charge of 2 monthly sessions in Brighton; ‘Change’ and ‘Mimetic’ and has played alongside DJs such as Phillip Hartnoll, Mark Adamo, Dino Psaras, Kelvin K, Adolf Diguer, Msoga, Daniel Kyo, Ismael del Val... He was also regular at the Electrosonic Festival UK tour and nowadays plays at Lola Club in Shanghai and other Shanghai venues. By organising club events, fundraising parties and working in the studio, Akusah productions & Ivan Barbero want to bring out all their creativeness into the underground sound of Tech and Deep house. With released remixes for Adolf Diguer, Juan varez and releasing with, Selected records, Logical records and Akusah Label Ivan is definitely one to watch. His versatile style is defined as funky and groovy, playing from deep house to tech house, techno, etc .... .... Make sure you will not stop dancing all night long.


Along his career, Derek Case (1.983)
has worked under different aliases
such as Xavi Dicson or Xavi Mena.
Under this name he mixed Makina music in clubs like:
PONT AERI, COLISEUM, SEVEN (Zaragoza) and edited 2 vinyls: Xavi Dicson - Password (Ruboy Records)
Xavi Dicson - Eyengui (Contundanze Rec.)
Both were included in differents CD compilations in that time, including the famous Tempo Music compilation "Professional Dj's".
Under this name he mixed House music and worked as a resident Dj in: MERCI AFTER CLUB (Viladecans)
PIGALLE (BALMES 90) (Barcelona) SOMNIS (Malgrat de Mar) After edit and mix Merci's After Club CD Compilation, he had some gigs around Spain in places like Txixarro (Bilbao) or Loop (Almería). During the last 10 years he has combined dj'ing work alongside with manager work in differents record stores from Barcelona (Aman, Factoria Sonora, Mobbing Ent.) and created his own labels Soulmind Records & Aftersun Records.
Most of the releases had a really good acceptance into the scene and were included in CD Compilations from
Also worked in different radio programs as a director and presenter: Radio Roda (Darkside) or Radio Vic (Feeling). This were combined with few apperances in programs from MAXIMA FM and FLAIX FM too.
Now under his new name DEREK CASE, he is showing us his more creative side and gives to his sessions a very own personal feeling creating and producing near all the music he plays covering all type of electronic music.


Sev Bastian (Real Name/Severin Bastian) from St.Wendel/Saarland/Germany, started to become interested in Music when he heard the Music Tapes of his Mother up and down.
But this Time he was more impressed by Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice and The Notorious B.I.G.
Until the Year 2005 he came to electronic Music and began to further his Passion for the Genre as the Nightlife became instilled in his Part of Lifestyle.

What began as a Hobby quickly became a Passion and now he is Resident in 3 clubs and he has played alongside Legends examined as Marusha, DJ DAG Dr.Motte, Patrick Kunkel, Moguai and Phil Fuldner ...

His musical Style is influenced Tech House with many Grooves and crazy Samples, it will be interesting.


Julian Gandara (1983), Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began to relate to the world of music
from childhood, he was part as a guitarist in local bands and recorded a solo EP in 2006
"Juliano - PequeÒa parte de un gran sueÒo" in which is responsible for the composition, and interpretation of the instruments
almost entirely on the album. His relationship with electronic music began in 2001, spent 10 years of admiration
and dancing to great artists, until in 2011 decided to take the production of tracks on his hands. He enjoy various styles,
as Progressive house and Minimal Techno too, but his great influence and his productions are Tech/Deep House groove
accented with latin percussions. A new artist in the electronic music scene, coming from the Love of Music.


M-Olay was born in Noreña (Asturias) in 1977, began his relationship with electronic music in the mid-90s, coinciding with the outbreak of this movement in the region. In 1995 began his journey as a DJ and his influences are determined by labels such as "Bonzai", "Platipus", "Harthouse", "French Underground Kommunication" and groups like "Union Jack" and "Hard floor" among others, hence his passion for "Remember" music.

At the end of this decade Techno music defines his style through the influence in the area of international DJs like Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, etc.

In recent years, under the premise that "there is not a good style, there is good music" is open to all trends with tech-house as root.

Among the various places where he performed highlight: "La Cervecería" - Oviedo (After-hour club at the end of the 90s), "El Cristal" (Luanco), "La Biblioteca" and "El Recreo" (Pola de Siero), "La kupula"(Noreña) and " El Rockblon – Chatarrona music fest"(Siero) among others.

In 2012 he begins as a producer.