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Ancient Emblem was born from the passion for gloomy and raw sounds of 4 individuals which were coming from different past projects but with many points in common such as a strong believe in DIY as the only way for working as a band, and an even stronger hate for any authoritarian attitude which tries to dominate others, being human or not. We believe in a veg(etari)an way of life and we stand against all kinds of domination and discrimination such as religion, homophobia, sexism, speciesism, racism, fascism or nazism. Maybe it sounds obvious for a kind of band like this, but sadly, strange times are running everywhere, even also in this community.

*Throne with no God LP/Tape/CD
*Split with Hongo LP/Tape
*Split with Social Crisis LP/Tape
*Funeral Pyre LP/Tape

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Arde started as a D-beat/Crust band but after short time we decided to try something new, to play something which we enjoy since years. After some time of rehearsing Haimo join on second guitar and Navarro on vocals. We have played few shows and recorded five songs which will become our first album, LP out soon. Shortly after record session, the bass player Cheo is leaving and starting he's travel adventure. He's place take Celia. With new line-up we played few more shows and finally giving kind of shape to this band.
Arde is a project of five personalities who are coming from diffrent parts of Europe and despite of cultural background we are trying to make it real. As a black metal band we strongly believe in DIY punk attitude and have absolutely no respect for any forms of discrimination such as nationalism, racism, sexism...
We try to create something with bigger value for us and with respect for what today we call Nature.
Arde are:
Navarro - v… [+] Más...


Helde was born in 2005 from the minds and hearts of A. and T. with the aim of worshipping the gloomy and cold sounds born in the North of Europe some decades ago and try to keep their flame and essence in an orthodox path. Some years later Az. and E. joined the project and the band started to playing live shows.

*Split with The Somberlain 7"/CD
*Suaren gerizpea CD/Tape

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Founded 2013 for the occult resistance against this fucked up reality. Left wing // Left hand path.


* Demo MMXIV Tape September 2014
* Alles was kommt ist Schnee CD July 2015
* Von Feuer Und Erde CD August 2018


Lucifuge started as a solo project, inspired by Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer, inspired on that sound that blends NWOBHM, Punk and early Thrash Metal. All the recordings so far have been done using an old analog mixer, a few mics and mostly recorded in one or two takes.

Since 2019 we have a full line up with Txusan and Aitzol from Ancient Emblem and Xavi from Cruz, so we ll be hitting the road soon. Stay tuned for more evil black metal rock and roll!

*The destruction of the sword Demo
*Ride the beast Tape
*From the cradle ot teh grave 7"
*Der Antichrist LP
*Equilibrum EP


The band was born in 1999 by Oindurth and Arghura with the idea of putting together their different influences coming from Extreme Metal, under a fantastic and mythological theme, being these concepts managed to express in a more poetic way their philosophical concerns about the being itself and Mother Nature. Keeping the compositional core, they surround themselves by good friends in order to bring the band to the stage, until they reach the current state of the band in which they combine live shows with the recordings, with two stable line ups, and trying to keep the same spirit of constant learning, both musical and internal.


*Ekaitz Beltzen Tontorra Demo 2003
*Iparraren Beldur Demo 2003
*Maketa '05 Demo 2005
*Ipar Basoetan / Na Fraga Do Norte Split 2005
*Four Concentric Ways Of The Ancient Cult Split 2007
*Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno Vol.4 Split 2010
*Belebeltzeta Album 2010
*R'l… [+] Más...


Arghura solo project was created to give space to concepts and sonorities in some way different from those handled in Nakkiga. With a musical base inspired by slower sounds and an improvised touch, attempts are made to include with more folkloric inspirations. Mainly handling issues related to Nature and with a strong lyrical content against the future that brought the colonization of the Roman Empire to the current history of humanity. Different friendships also collaborate in this project to enrich the work as much as possible, getting in recent times a line up in order to take these ideas to the stage.


*Arima erratuen erresuma split
*Ur / Sentimen Beltza / Ostots Split
*Etsaiak Compilation
*Sunt Lacrimae Rerum LP
*Your Death Split
*Urmahell Split
*Ura LP