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READ MY LIPS - "News for the afflicted" (2010)

LP (180gr Orange vinyl)
Ref.: ktc018
Recorded by Wero at Alamo studios (Bcn-Spain)
Mixed and mastered by Bill Stevenson(Fort Collins-USA) and Jason Lievermore at Blasting room studios
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions.
Released date: October 2010

For fans of: Comeback kid, Verse, With honor, Good riddance,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. to die for...
2. city without lights
3. intensive poverty
4. don't build your hopes up
5. changing our days
6. liberation song
7. news for the afflicted
8. eternity is dead
9. toys and bullets
10. confront the ocean
11. (bonus track) the sound of the unslaved

WAYNE - "The moon effect" (2009)

CD (Digipack)
Ref.: ktc017
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jose Cuenca at La:zalda studios
Artwork by Gravity's gone
Edited by: KTC Domestic Productions Elizabeth Dane rcds., Odio sonoro
Released date: December 2009

For fans of: Cave in, Poison the well, Thrice, Will haven, Isis,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Zenith
2. The moon effect
3. Thin line
4. II
5. Till death do us part
6. The skull
7. Conmotio cordia
8. Cotton tedium
9. The seafarer
10. Emerge

COLOSVS - "Brutal beatz x the pit" (2009)

Ref.: ktc016
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jesuí Chula Crew at Brutal Beatz Factory (Madrid-Spain)
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions, GP Boys rcds, Brutal beatz rcds
Released date: November 2009

For fans of: Dany Diablo, NWA, Stickman, Earned in blood,...

LEGACY OF BRUTALITY - "Land of empty graves" (2009)

Ref.: ktc015
Recorded by Miguel Herrero and Lalo at Lalo's house and Acme studios
Mixed and mastered by Brian Elliot at Mana recording
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions
Released date: October 2009

For fans of: malevolent creation, suffocation, nile,
monstrosity, aborted,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Intro: When the sky turns red
2. Wide Sight
3. Land of empty graves
4. Crown of Belphegor
5. The eyes of terror

THIS DRAMA - "San Diego XIII" (2008)

Ref.: ktc013
Recorded and mixed by Ayoze Hernandez at Guamasa studios (Tenerife-Spain)
Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Mastering (Los Angeles, USA).
Artwork by
Edited on CD by KTC Domestic Productions
Edited digitally by Deep elm rcds

For fans of: The bronx, The drips, Rocket from the crypt, Riverboat gamblers...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Six pack
2. She had a knife  
3. Panic attack
4. Hungry eyes
5. Fish taco
6. Car crazy, speed crazy
7. Mono loco hot pussy
8. Strictly deshonorable
9. Born to expire
10. Fuck your local scene

POSESSION - "Memento mori" (2008)

Gatefold LP (180gr white vinyl)
Ref.: ktc012
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sergio Rodríguez at Tutu Studios (Oviedo-Spain)
Artwork by J.M.Navarro
Edited on vinyl by KTC Domestic Productions
Edited on CD by Throne rcds.
Released date: July 2008

For fans of: Dystopia, Slayer, Mastodon,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Apocalipsis
2. Llagas
3. Lagrimas negras
4. Titeres y robots
5. Amanecer en Haiti
6. Mil veces  
7. Gritos
8. Te doy mis ojos
9. Niño
10. Un sillón rojo

THE SEVENTHATE - "It's not while sleeping that your worst nightmares appear" (2008)

LP (Purple clear vinyl)
Ref.: ktc011
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Santi Garcia and Xavi Navarro at Ultramarinos Costa Brava (Sant Feliu-Spain)
Artwork by Noise armada
Edited on vinyl by KTC Domestic Productions and Black Bird rcds.
Edited on cd by Red chalk rcds and Devilchild rcds.
Released date: February 2008

For fans of: Everytime I die, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nine,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. A portrait of perfect onanist
2. Just for a brand new pair of shoes
3. Bordeaux, mon amour
4. Brainflood
5. Tour de force
6. Prostitute
7. Elephant  
8. Dear you
9. instrumental
10. Mammon est nomem daemonis

MERCYLESS - "No hay paz" (2008)

Ref.: ktc010
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sabino Herta at KTC studios(Gijón-Spain)
Artwork by Jaime
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions
Released date: January 2008

For fans of: Hatebreed, madball, SOD, Integrity...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Castigo
2. Resurrección
3. Insolvente  
4. Cerdo, cobarde!!!!!
5. Jucio final
6. No hay paz
7. Mi decisión
8. Ojo por ojo
9. Tu final
10. Marcado para morir
11. Mundo enfermo
12. HC (la vida loca)
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