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NO CONFIDENCE - "Keep going nowhere" (2014)

Ref.: ktc042
Recorded in late 2013 by Mastro Banfioat No confidence home studio.

Edited by KTC Domestic Productions
Released date: March 2014

For fans of: Kid dynamite, Lifetime, H2O, 7Seconds, ...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Still here
2. Don't change
3. No confidence
4. Deep breath
5. Bitter taste
6. Empty heads are trying to take off
7. Living a plastic life
8. Keep on expecting nothing
9. Cloudy skyline
10. Different life
11. Fake mask of anger
12. Old wreck
13. Poor imitation
14. Already gone
15. The taste of blood
16. Fog
17. Balance and mistakes
18. From the stereo

V8FORD - "Fuego azul" (2014)

CD (Digipack)
Ref.: ktc041
Recorded by Eduardo Castro y Cesar Molina at Estudio La Bocina (Madrid).
Mixed and mastered by Fernando Marín at X recording studios (Mieres)
Artwork by Jorge Garcia
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions
Released date: March 2014

For fans of: The (international) noise conspirancy, Jon Spencer blues explosion, Rory Gallagher,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Fuego azul
2. Nadie mejor que tú
3. Führer
4. Dime
5. La libertad
6. Bala en la cabeza

TRIGGER TRAVIS - "Nada cambia" (2014)

CD (Digipack)
Ref.: ktc040
Recorded, mixed and sastered by Jose Gonzalez at Noisestudioa (Zarautz)
Artwork by Saioa Burutaran
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions, Miusichole rcds., Ruti ditri, Lengua Armada
Released date: February 2014

For fans of: El corazon del sapo, Subterranean kids, The bronx, Abhinanda,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Preguntas sin respuesta
2. Tribunal de La Haya
3. Ya no hay vuelta atrás
4. El cielo sobre nuestras cabezas
5. Coraza
6. Elementos de la coerción
7. Pasado o muerte
8. La fiesta de la democracia
9. Dinosaurios
10. Inmutable
11. Tormenta

TRAGIC VISION - "Negactivity"

CD (Digipack)
Ref.: ktc039
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Iván Ferro in Kollapse Studios (Madrid).
Artwork by Alberto Perancho.
Release date: March 2014
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions.

For fans of: Blacklisted, Bane, Have heart, Verse, Comeback kid...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Brand new shit
2. Green fields of agony
3. More than cars
4. Tyrants and dungeons
5. Home of the brave
6. Oakheart
7. The promise
8. Blackest night
9. Engullidos por el vacio

LOUDED - "Satanic Boogie Woogie" (2013)

Ref.: ktc038
Recorded live by Kike Novillo
Mixed by Frank Rotthier
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Buba Viedma
Edited vy KTC Domestic Productions, Nooirax rcds, Hecatombe rcds, Discos Macarras, Noizeland rcds.
Released date: September 2013

Incluye las canciones:
1. La cosecha
2. Fatman
3. La araña
4. Marea de carne
5. Mi otra piel
6. Satanic Boogie Woogie

VV/AA - "XXXIII CCCVII MXXXIII (10 años de KTC)" (2013)

Ref.: ktc037
Recopilatorio de celebración de los 10 años del sello.
Una mirada al pasado, recogiendo un tema de cada edición, o dos si era un split.
10 años, 33 ediciones, 307 canciones y 1033 minutos de musica.

OLD ENEMIES - "Old Enemies" (2013)

Ref.: ktc036
Produced & Recorded by Gus Bocanegra & Old enemies at KTC Studios.
Mixed & mastered by Dani G at Dynamita studios
Artwork by Etor, Miguel Fdez & Gus Bocanegra
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions, Cruzade rcds
Released date: Nov 2013

For fans of: Strife, judge, sheer terror, cro-mags, warzone, integrity...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Until The End
2. Call for Unity
3. Under Pressure
4. By my Side
5. You'll never bring me down
6. OE Anthem
7. Wake Up
8. Rejection
9. R.F.H.C.
10. Always

BLACK HORDE - "Dwyer" (2013)

MCD (Digipack)
Ref.: ktc035
Recorded,mixed and mastered by Juan Martínez at Magoo studios (Oviedo-Spain)
Producted by Juan Martínez and Black Horde
Artwork by Guti
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions
Released date: May 2013
For fans of:ZZ Top, QOTSA, Danko Jones, Rory Gallager, ...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Afterschool
2. Stardom
3. Reaching the sky
4. Blue Motel
5. You you
6. Wastedland
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