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Ref.: ktc026
Himura: Recorded by Himura (Zaragoza-Spain).
Velocidad absurda: Recorded by Paco Muñoz at estudios 2000 (Zaragoza-Spain)
Mastered by Jorg at SoundLodge studios (Rhauderfehn-Germany)

Edited by KTC Domestic Productions & Hecatombe Records
Released date: March 2012

For fans of: Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Nasum, Cannibal Corpse, Brodequin, Suffocation,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Inanición Himura
2. El instinto de la raza humana Himura
3. Autopsia del hombre Himura
4. Samurai vs. zombie Himura w/ Velocidad absurda
5. Ignominia Velocidad absurda
6. Golpe al estado Velocidad absurda
7. Zombie vs. samurai Velocidad absurda w/ Himura

ANOTHER KIND OF DEATH - "Legacy" (2012)

CD (Digipack), Another Kind of Death
Ref.: ktc025
Limited edition 100 copies.
Recorded and mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman studios (Madrid-Spain)
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios (Helsinki-Finland).
Artwork by Mario C. Vaises
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions.
Released date: April 2012

For fans of: Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Entombed, Everytime I die, ...

Incluye las canciones:
1. For the damned
2. No plan
3. The black notebook
4. Pentagram
5. Dark days
6. Open wounds
7. Regicide
8. Incorregibles
9. This town is dead
10. The last song

THE ATTACK OF THE BRAIN EATERS - "Blood, Sweat & Smoke" (2012)

Ref.: ktc024
Recorded, mixed and Mastered by Dani G. at Dynamita studios (Oviedo-Spain)
Artwork by Fran Efless
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions.
Released date: Febrary 2012

For fans of: Clutch, Fu Manchu, QOTSE, Pulled Apart By Horses, The Bronx, ...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Extinction
2. Guardian angel
3. Dead man's speech
4. Nameless days
5. Breathing again
6. Tired of wait
7. Wood & stone
8. Lights
9. 111

EL EGO - "We've been dead before" (2011)

Ref.: ktc023
Limited edition 325 copies.
Recorded and producted by Carlos Santos and Iván Ferro at Sadman studios (Madrid-Spain)
Mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman studios (Madrid-Spain)
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios (Helsinki-Finland).
Artwork by Mario C. Vaises
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions, In My Heart Empire rcds, Devilchid rcds,Exellent rcds.
Released date: October 2011

For fans of: The haunted, At the gates, ...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Exorcize me
2. Five rivers
3. Hall of the Slain
4. Peri em Heru
5. The city of dis
6. Reincarnation
7. The garden
8. We've been death before
9. Exorcize me -with strings- (Bonus track)
10. Green holocaust (Bonus track)
11. Bury your soul Bonus track)

HELLTRIP - "Animal" (2011)

CD/LP (Red clear vinyl), Helltrip
Ref.: ktc022
Recorded and mixed by Miguel Herrero and Kike Sanchís at Acme studios (Aviles-Spain).
Producted by Miguel Herrero
Mastered at Metropolis Group Mastering (Londres-UK).
Edited by H Factory Records
Distributed by KTC Domestic Productions
Released date: April 2011

For fans of: Turbonegro, AC/CD, Hellacopters, Alice Cooper,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. Ansia
2. Inseparable
4. Arde
5. Rencor
6. Espejo Roto
7. Sin Perdón
8. Basura
9. Miedo 2.0
10. 6 Balas

INSIDE ME - "Tools of fear" (2010)

Ref.: ktc021
Recorded and mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman studios (Madrid-Spain).
Mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside Studios (NY-USA).
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions, Cruzade rcds.
Released date: October 2010

Para fans de: Morning again, earth crisis,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. true warriors
2. a life worth dying for
3. binary life
4. tu dios no es para mi
5. guns & losers
6. mentiras
7. taking it away
8. babylon falls
9. hoy aqui
10. dead silence of the morning

THIS DRAMA - "Tarantula mata" (2010)

10" (165gr White vinyl)
Ref.: ktc020
Producted by Jody J. Ford
Engineered by Ryan Kahler and Joby J. Ford at Big Game Lodge studios (Los Angeles-USA)
Mixed by Beau Burchell
Mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisk (NY-USA).
Artwork by Asdrubal Marichal
Vinyl version edited by KTC Domestic Productions.
CD and digital version edited by Deep elm rcds.
Released date: August 2011

For fans of: The bronx, Rocket from the crypt, The hives, The drips, Riverboat Gamblers,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. espera miseria
2. 127 la brea
3. el baile de la muerte
4. la santera
5. five years
6. seaside
7. hollywood quema

BURNING HEADS - "Spread the fire" (2010)

LP (180gr red vinyl)
Ref.: ktc019
Recorded and mixed by Pit Samprass and Dudu
Mastered by J.P. Sox at Musicodrome
Artwork by Mme Gruiikkk and BH
Edited by KTC Domestic Productions
Released date: September 2010

For fans of: Burning heads, Bad religion, Dag nasty,
propagandhi, down by law, adolescents,...

Incluye las canciones:
1. The Invisible Disease
2. Hurray
3. Competition
4. More Than A Billion
5. Just A Song
6. Disobey
7. Face The Facts
8. Fear Questions And Doubts
9. I Just Wanna Be Me
10. Bomb the World
11. Who's An Angel
12. Sell Out
13. Endless Nights
14. Forget
15. Friday On My Mind
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