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Les contenus de cette page ne sont pas encore traduits au français. Vous les voyez maintenant en anglais, et vous pouvez les voir aussi en espagnol.
What Musikaze Sites are for

Creating a Musikaze site will allow you to have a web site related to your music activity, a tool that will allow you to make your own web site as simply as posting a blog. In a few minutes you can create the web site for your band, the festival you organise, your record label, your music publication and so on.

With your Musikaze site the following things will be available to you:

  • A personal web site tailored for all musical needs.
  • Internet space to upload your songs and videos.
  • A multimedia player incorporated into the web page. Share your songs and allow people to download them freely.
  • A place where to publish your news, concerts' dates...
  • Personal forums. Create as many as you want with a simple click.
  • An image gallery with a viewer to upload your photos.
  • Personalised skins. Select a skin from the ones available or create your own for your Site.

... and much more.

Your Musikaze site has plenty of advanced services available to you, such as selling tickets for your concerts or festival, or even running your own on-line shop.

But Musikaze is much more than that. Whatever you publish in your Musikaze site will be shown automatically in the Musikaze's general lists, the dates for your concerts, your news, the items for sale and your multimedia files...

From this list you can link directly to your Musikaze site. If you want you can also click on your songs at Musikaze radio. 

All this in a very easy way,  you will be able to edit the content of your Musikaze site any time, any place, anywhere.

How to create your Musikaze Site

You can create your Musikaze site in two different ways:

  1. if you receive an Invitation, you can create your Musikaze site straight away. If you are a registered user,  you can send invitations to your friends from your User Area so they can create their own musikaze site.
  2. if you have no invitations available and you are a registered user, you only have to log in and go to the users page Hire Service. There you can choose the type of Musikaze site and start publishing immediately once it is activated.

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Different sites for different needs



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TALCO + NTA @ Freiburg. Crash - FREIBURG. 08/12/2023 »


LA VOZ DEL BECARIO. Escenario Santander - SANTANDER. 08/12/2023 »

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Old Time Spoocks. Asociación Cultural Los Bancos de Atrás - UNQUERA. 08/12/2023 »
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