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Suleyman The Magnificent

Süleyman the Magnificent is the soundtrack for the film of the same name which focuses on the life of the great Sultan of the Ottoman empire. Sultan Süleyman reigned from 1520-1566 and was renowned as a consummate reformer of law and administration. His was a golden age of art and architecture. Brian Keane's soundtrack embodies this historic sense of greatness and splendor. The music is at once exciting and profound. Keane has brilliantly scored traditional Turkish melodies and his own original melodies from a combination of authentic Turkish instruments. These instruments include the tanbur (long necked lute), daire (drum), kanun (plucked boxed zither), and kaval (rim-blown flute—a pastoral instrument associated with shepherds and nomads). The film aired on the PBS network and was a winner of the American Film Festival and the Ohio State Film Festival awards. It was produced in conjunction with the opening of an art exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. for wh… [+] Máis...

Fire Dance

Fire Dance is a natural progression from Suleyman. A plethora of Middle Eastern and North African instruments has been blended with synthesizers, guitar, and sophisticated orchestrations. The focus of Fire Dance has been expanded beyond Turkey, to include music from North African, Egyptian, and other Middle Eastern and Arabic sources. This recording begins with the sound of the desert wind in Somewhere in the Sahara. Faruk's enchanted ney enters from the distance with flourishes of goat bells. Orchestrations sneak in and build to a guitar solo with lavish synthesizer effects. The whole track then dissolves into Oglan Boyun, as if we have traveled over a dune and discovered a village in celebration, surrounded by the vast desert. As Oglan Boyun ends, we are left with Faruk's haunting voice floating out of the wind in A Call to Prayer. This soulful segment gives way to a magical ney section orchestrated to depict a garden of earthly delights. Faruk's voice returns in a powerf… [+] Máis...

Beyond The Skay

Beyond the Sky" featrures the return collaboration and stunning musicianship of music producer, composer, synthesist, and virtuoso guitarist, Brian Keane, and the middle eastern master musician and multi-instrumentalist, Omar Faruk Tekbilek. The project is a follow-up to their critically acclaimed earlier recordings "Suleyman the Magnificent" and "Fire Dance". They are joined for this recording by three musicians who are all masters on their instruments. Ara Dinkjian is one of the foremost "oud" players in the world. Son of popular Armenian singer Onnik Dinkjian, Ara began performing professionally as a boy and earned a degree from Hartt School of Music in the U.S. In 1976, he formed the group Night Ark and recorded two releases with his composition "Sarasin" becoming a #1 hit in Turkey. Ara was invited to join Brian and Faruk in a 1991 concert for John Schaefer's New Sounds Concert series at Merkin Hall in New York City. The results were so exci… [+] Máis...


Omar Faruk Tekbilek is one of the foremost Middle Eastern musicians. Known primarily for his work on the Ney, he is also a master of Middle Eastern percussion (Darbuka, Bandir, etc.), double reed instruments such as the Zurna and Mijwiz, and the guitar-like Baglama and Jura. In 1971, already an established musician in Turkey, Faruk toured Europe and the United States for the first time. Eventually Faruk moved to Upstate New York, where he now lives. Since coming to the United States in 1976, Faruk has recorded and performed with several notable musicians including: Arif Mardin, jazz musicians Don Cherry and Karl Berger, and rock drummer, Ginger Baker. He has made concert appearances worldwide including the Kool Jazz Festival, and the Israeli Music Festival. Whirling marks Faruk's debut as a solo recording artist. Joining Faruk on the recording are Middle Eastern musicians Ara Dinkjian on Oud, Hassan Isikkut on Kanun, and Arto Tuncboyaciyan on percussion. Arto's group, Night Ark… [+] Máis...

Fata Morgana

Musical inspiration is a tricky thing. It is hard to plan for; sometimes, it just happens. It certainly happened when percussionist Michael Askill met the Turkish multi-instrumentalist Omar Faruk Tekbilek for the first time in an Australian broadcasting studio. Askill is one of the finest percussionists in Australia; Tekbilek plays flutes, reeds, lutes, and percussion. With a trio of additional percussionists, these two musicians created an exhilarating romp through the musical cultures of the Near East, the Pacific Rim, West Africa, and Western jazz or classical music. Fata Morgana captures the spontaneity and joy of the music-making process - something usually missing from studio recordings.

Askill and Tekbilek collaborated on most of the compositions. Some, like Under Desert Stars, evoke the nocturnal music rituals of the desert; others, like The Goldsmiths or the clever Sufi House, recall Tekbilek's colorful and popular collaborations with Brian Keane. The inspir… [+] Máis...

Mystical Garden

From his work with Brian Keane, Michael Askill, and many others, to his own solo project, Whirling, Omar Faruk Tekbilek is known for taking people on musical journeys. Mystical Garden is a journey to a place not easily accessible. The entrance is carefully guarded and always hidden yet within reach. Children, the pure of heart, are the few who are allowed unlimited access. So close your eyes and let Faruk give you a guided tour of a place most of the world has forgotten. Innocence, pure beauty, peace, and tranquility reside here. Step carefully on your journey for all living things are treasured in this Mystical Garden.
Joining Faruk on Mystical Garden are Briane Keane, Hassan Isikkut, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Ara Dinkjian, and Dan Pickering. This CD is beautifully packaged with an oversized insert having several colorful and exotic drawings. The cover illustration is "Autumn Landscape With Mountains And Trees" circa 1370, and attributed to kar-i mani. It is found today in th… [+] Máis...

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is a bewitching blend of Western and Near Eastern sounds. Don’t be misled by the presence of synthesizer wizard Steve Roach, or keyboardist/guitarist Brian Keane, or the guest appearance by the rollicking Bulgarian saxophonist Yuri Yunakov—this is an album with clear and deep roots in the ancient legacy of Turkey and Arabian music. In fact, six of the ten tracks are Faruk's arrangements of traditional folk and classical songs from the Arab, Turkish, and Armenian traditions.
Tekbilek’s newest project also draws on the sounds of Azerbaijani folksong, Persian mysticism, and classical Arabian belly dancing. He even pays tribute, on the song Yalel, to the famed Egyptian singer Omm Kulthum. (Tekbilek himself is half Egyptian.) Working with many of the same musicians who have made such distinctive contributions to Tekbilek’s earlier albums, he creates a kind of global music—a music that acknowledges Greek, Indian, and of course Turkish music, and attempts to find a c… [+] Máis...

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