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  • Localización: Berlin, Berlin (ALEMANIA)
  • Fecha de Formación: Abril 2008
  • Estilo(s) musical(es): Rock, Alternative/Indie-Rock
  • Influencias: full moon nights, sound & movement, my mother, emotions, reactions, disturbances, Tom Waits, words, silences, Killdeering, Tom Spanbauer, fascination, exploration, many more things and finally communication.

Continuing on from launching her solo career with one of the most startling & captivating debut albums ´Weather´s coming...´ released in 2008, recorded with Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) and mixed by Oz Fritz (Iggy Pop, Tom Waits), Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws are in the studio recording with Matt Verta Ray (Heavy Trash)
Their second album is planned for release in April 2011.  Watch out for this forthcoming release and their pulsating live shows.

Their latest EP, released in June 2010, was produced by Liam Watson at Toe Rag studios in London, featuring ´Scholar´ & ´The Fade Out Line´.

Here´s what the press says:
´A great visceral live show, pulsating strobe, red lights, rockabilly backbeat and an edge The Bad Seeds would be proud of. Phoebe sings from the dark side of the Human Condition and Siouxsie or PJ Harvey would be impressed with the stage presence.´ (Scott Williams)

´Un univers rempli d´images de cinema´ (Emilie Depond)

´Phoebe Killdeer, a talented songwriter with a potential that remains as high as the sky.´ (Obscure sound)



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