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  • Localización: ALEMANIA
  • Influencias: We sound like bumbumbastardpop.... bumbumrocknroll !

Daniel Dexter has releases on Craft Music, Television Rocks, Whirlpoolsex, We.are.Playtime. and Karate Musik. He is on the official Mix Compilations of the Klaxons and Malente. People like Laurent Garnier, Kevin Saunderson, John Aquaviva, Gus Gus, Vitalic, Play Paul and Sébastien Léger loving and playing his records.

But who the fuck is this guy ?

Daniel Dexters connection to the music can be pursued back into the 80's. After he became enthusiastic at first for Punk, he discovered gradually the fascination which radiated from the new electronic music. Particularly both the measure-compatible and radical Melange from pop- and machinelike sound of acts like Kraftwerk, New Order or Depeche mode shaped him strongly. This fascination found its continuation in the 90's with the new electronic Pop Acts such as Daft Punk or the Chemical Brothers. Both his own productions and DJ sets reflect all these influences again. A musical hell ride between pumpin Bastardpop, Rave and Techno, between Underground and Overground, between Rhythms and Broken Beats - so one could describe Daniel Dexters music style. He know his job well, and the performance are shaped blended by technical perfection, but he is also a absolutley partymachine. For such wild gigs around the world and a lot of successful records, 25 years old is quite a considerable age for a young artist.

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