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Miércoles, 1 de Mayo de 2019

The tour is over and it's quite difficult for us to find the proper words of gratitude for all the amazing people that helped us during this adventure, but we would like to say thanks to the Koma-F collective, DIY Factöry collective and everyone involved in the Zinfest 2019; Martin, Lucie and ADACTA crew for taking so good care of us; Vlad, Andrej, Paul and Andrea for all the help in Cluj Napoca, specially when our van broke just right before heading to Bucharest. A really nice workshop fixed it in the same day and we directly started our long drive straight to Ioannina, but when we crossed the Greek border, our van failed again and thanks to the amazing work of a mechanical workshop in Thessaloniki we could make it to the next show that took place some hours after. Greece has been a really impressive experience for us and we have oceans of gratitude for Thanos, Mihalis, Chris and Sven family, Panos, Andrei, Exilent, Moribund Scum and the rest of the amazing collectives and people who warmed our hearts during our time over there. Our full admiration and respect to all the people involved in keeping alive Фабрика Автономия in Sofia and the DIY Conspiracy collective. Thanks also to Adi in Timisoara for his hospitality, and everyone involved in the Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Festival #7 and Eternal Noise Misery vol. 2; two events extremely well organized. By last, sorry to Sorin for not being able to make it to Bucharest but we could not do anything in order to fix the van faster. More news soon about the upcoming tour in August and our new LP.

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